Graphical Abstract

May 2011

Volume : 1 Issue : 3

In this Issue: Research Article: 17, Review Article: 8

30 May, 2011   Review Article

An Overview on: Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

Swatantra Kushwaha, Richa Sachan, Swati Maheshwari, Neelottama Kushwaha, A.K. Rai

Pages: 01-05

30 May, 2011   Review Article

Experimental Modeling of Anxiety

Nimish L. Pathak, Sanjay B. kasture, Nayna M. Bhatt, Ritesh G. Patel

Pages: 06-10

30 May, 2011   Review Article

Iontophoretic drug delivery: History and applications

Azad Khan, Mohd Yasir, Mohd Asif, Iti Chauhan, Alok P. Singh, Rajat Sharma, Pradeep Singh, Shubham Rai

Pages: 11-24

30 May, 2011   Review Article

Nanotechnology in cancer: A clinical review

Ojas Agrawal, Rutali Brahme, Morse Faria, Supriya Shidhaye

Pages: 25-29

30 May, 2011   Review Article

Aliskiren: A new renin inhibitor as anti-hypertensive

Nahida Tabassum

Pages: 30-33

30 May, 2011   Review Article

Intranasal drug delivery system- A glimpse to become maestro

Shivam Upadhyay, Ankit Parikh, Pratik Joshi, U M Upadhyay, N P Chotai

Pages: 34-44

30 May, 2011   Review Article

Nicotine addiction and its Pharmacological effects: A Review

Sunil Kumar, Parminder Nain, Jagbir Singh

Pages: 45-49

30 May, 2011   Review Article

Development and validation of dissolution procedures

Bhavesh Vaghela, Rajan Kayastha, Nayana Bhatt, Nimish Pathak, Dashrath Rathod

Pages: 50-56

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Using Algebraic Geometry to Describe Boundaries of Microemulsion Regions in Nonionic Systems

Prapaporn Boonme, Duangkhae Maneenuan, Wibul Wongpoowarak

Pages: 57-61

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Topical anti-inflammatory action of Caryocar villosum oil (Aubl)Pers.

William Kalhy, Silva Xavier, Benedito Junior Medeiros, Clarissa Silva Lima, Hugo Alexandre Favacho, Eloisa Helena de Aguiar Andrade, Railda Neyva, Moreira Araujo, Lourivaldo Silva Santos

Pages: 62-67

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Anxiolytic effect of chronic administration of ursolic acid in rats

Sudhakar Pemminati, Gopalakrishna HN, Venkatesh.V, Amritha Rai, Sowjanya Shetty, Amrita Vinod, Preethi G Pai, Ashok K Shenoy

Pages: 68-71

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Comparison effect of Pioglitazone and Glimepiride alone on renal function marker in experimentally induced renal damage in diabetic rats.

Jagdish Kakadiya, Nehal Shah

Pages: 72-76

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Development and evaluation of Meloxicam solid dispersion loaded buccal patches

Mohammed Jafar, Sadath Ali

Pages: 77-82

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Development of pH-independent matrix type sustained release drug delivery system of propranolol hydrochloride

Haresh T Mulani, Bhumin Patel, Nehal J Shah

Pages: 83-92

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Spectrophotometric estimation of total polysaccharides in Cassia tora gum

Harshal A. Pawar, Priscilla M. D Mello

Pages: 93-95

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Formulation and evaluation of transdermal patches and to study permeation enhancement effect of eugenol

Nirav S Sheth, Rajan B Mistry

Pages: 96-101

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Antimicrobial activity of various extracts from various parts of Calophyllum inophyllum L.

Saravanan. R, Dhachinamoorthi. D, Senthilkumar. K, Thamizhvanan. K.

Pages: 102-106

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Characterization and Purification of Protease enzyme

K. Shanti Naidu

Pages: 107-112

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Quantitative determination of lamotrigi1ne in bulk and dosage form by UV Spectrophotometry

Navdeep Saini, Koyal Saini

Pages: 113-116

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Quantitative Estimation of Piperine in Piper nigrum and Piper longum Using High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography

P.D.Hamrapurkar, Kavita Jadhav, Sandip Zine

Pages: 117-120

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Physicochemical and Phytochemical evaluation of different black tea brands

Pradeep Kumar Sharma, Mohammad Ali, Dinesh Kumar Yadav

Pages: 121-124

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Formulation of Diclofenac Sodium tablets using Tapioca starch powder- A promising binder

Yamini.K, Chalapathi. V, N. Lakshmi Narasimha Reddy, K.V. Lokesh, S. Praveen Kumar Reddy, Gopal.V.

Pages: 125-127

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Studies on the prescriptions of cardio vascular units

Preeja G. Pillai, P. Suresh, Gayatri Aggarwal, Gaurav Doshi, Vidhi Bhatia, Harsha Kathpalia

Pages: 128-131

30 May, 2011   Research Article

HER-2 targeted immunonanoparticles for breast cancer chemotherapy

Ritu Dhankar, Parmender Rathee, Arvind K Jain, Sahil Arora, Murugesan Senthil Kumar, Goutam Rath, Ajit Kumar Saxena, P.R. Sharma, Gousia Chashoo, Amit K. Goyal

Pages: 132-139

30 May, 2011   Research Article

Anthelmintic activity of aqueous and ethanolic extract of Trikatu Churna

N. Lakshmi Narasimha Reddy, K.Yamini, V.Gopal

Pages: 140-142